3 Ways to Heat up the Giving this Summer

  • 3 Ways to Heat up the Giving this Summer

    You may think that the Summer brings more donations due to increased activity outdoors, but not every charity benefits from fun runs and obstacle course fundraisers. In fact, many charities actually go through what they call a “Summer slump.”

    Many charities depend on schools and businesses throughout the year for group fundraisers such as blood drives or food collections, so when the Summer rolls around, they are stuck when schools shut and businesses have fewer employees due to holidays.

    So what can they do? Here are 3 ways that you can prepare for the season and heat up the giving this Summer.


    Reach out for Summer volunteers

    With sunny days that are lighter for longer, people are more willing to donate their time to help out but they won’t know that you need it unless you tell them. People are always looking for things to do when the weather is nice and parents are looking for things to do with their children in the holidays, so get the word out on social media and all of your other marketing channels that you need their time and talents to help your cause.


    Promote direct debit giving

    One way that you can prepare for the drop in your cash flow during the Summer is to promote direct debit giving or recurring grants throughout the year. Many people are willing to donate a small sum every month to a cause that means something to them, so if you raise awareness of how much a regular donation can make a difference, this means that you’ll have a steady stream of donations during the tough months.


    Tip: Make the option of regular giving as easy as possible on your website where people can choose automatic payments on a pre-set schedule.


    Use the season to your advantage

    As said previously, people are looking for things to do during the Summer so think of fundraisers that will make people want to get involved. Focus your fundraisers on events such as runs, obstacle courses, and car washes, and draw on the things that people will most likely be doing during this season such as decluttering their homes. If you make it as relevant to people as possible, you will find that you will get a lot of donations and support.

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