4 Reasons Why Charities Need SEO

  • 4 Reasons Why Charities Need SEO

    Charities want to find people who feel passionate about their cause because these are the people who will donate to help them achieve it; these people also often become loyal supporters in the long run.

    So why is it that many charities neglect SEO as a communication tactic?

    SEO is the digital way of finding new people or helping them find you, so it is absolutely essential that charities are taking advantage of this tool.

    If you’re unsure about what exactly SEO is, make sure you read our last blog first: “10 SEO Tips to Get Your Charity Website Seen.” Once you’ve read this you can then reap the benefits of this article, learning why your charity needs SEO and how it will benefit from it.

    SEO can…

    Increase awareness of your charity

    More awareness of your brand, and therefore your cause, will ultimately result in more supporters following your journey and more funds being donated to help you achieve it. SEO helps you do this, especially on a local level, so that you can capture the attention of new people and drive them to your website to learn more about you and how they can help.

    Increase your supporters

    Your existing supporters know your brand, they know you, so they can search for your charity and find you easily. What SEO does, is that it helps NEW potential supporters find you, people who are just generally searching on Google who don’t know you yet but who are interested in your cause and will likely help you. These people could find you through a keyword that you rank for (e.g anti-bullying) and could end up becoming loyal volunteers, donors or fundraisers.

    Increase donations

    So, with great SEO on your website, your brand awareness is now off the charts and you’re gaining more supporters every single day. With these two elements on the up, you can almost be certain that more funds will follow. Whether it’s just one off online donations from new people who have found your website or you use your SEO to drive people to a direct debit giving page to ensure long-term donations, the opportunities that SEO gives your charity are endless.

    Tip! Make giving as easy and as quick as possible on your website. Online giving is a very popular way to donate, so your website needs to be persuading people to help and then making it simple for them when they want to.

    Build trust, credibility & a positive reputation

    As well as building followers and financial benefits, SEO can also help your charity build a stronger reputation. If your website has good SEO, you will rank higher on Google and if you’re easier to find and your website looks professional, people will have more confidence in your organisation and will be more willing to donate. Trust and credibility are essential to gaining loyal support and SEO is the best way to achieve this online.

    Bonus Need: SEO can help you promote specific campaigns!

    When you want to promote a specific cause or fundraising event, your charity can utilise SEO to generate interest from people, other websites, and the media. Just think about the keywords that you want to be found for (what people will type in when searching in Google) and incorporate these into your social media, your articles, and your website copy. Once you’ve done this, you’ll see a great increase in the reach and impact of your campaigns!


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