4 Reasons Why Your Charity Needs To Be Using An Online Print System

  • 4 Reasons Why Your Charity Needs To Be Using An Online Print System

    Any charity, big or small, can’t afford mistakes being made, especially those that can change their brand or the message that they are trying to communicate. However, when a charity has multiple departments, sites or franchises, sometimes it isn’t always possible to ensure that all print marketing materials are the same as each branch is responsible for ordering their own print.

    With potential changes being made somewhere along the line, changes that can result in a costly re-print or off-brand message and loss of support, it should be a priority for charities to ensure that all marketing materials are consistent in terms of design, message, and quality.

    The solution? An online print system

    Regardless of how many sites or departments your charity has, an online print system ensures that everyone will be ordering their print from the same private portal.

    You or the head of your marketing can upload templates for your print marketing materials, specifying the types of print, designs, and specifications that are available. Then, every other department or site can securely log on and choose from your unique online print catalogue to print what they need, customising only the areas that you allow them to.

    The benefits of an online print system; why your charity needs it

    1. It allows you to create effective print

    By having one central portal where you have uploaded the resources and templates that reflect your current marketing message, you are ensuring that every office and site is producing marketing materials that are consistently on brand, of a high-quality, and are making the same impact that you want.

    1. It saves you time

    Using a web-to-print system, you can cut out the first half of the traditional print process, creating your print and making changes yourself without having to wait on the printer or designer. This means that you can place orders and re-order in minutes rather than days, giving you the time to get back to other essential jobs that need to be done.

    1. It saves you money

    As well as saving you time (as time is money when it comes to charitable work), a web-to-print system can also save you money by allowing you to harness your group’s buying power, giving you access to discounted products and special deals. This means that you can obtain high-quality print cost-effectively.

    1. It keeps your brand consistent

    By using an online print system with print templates, you can ensure that your printing materials are always consistently on brand and on message as well as looking professional. Your Head Office now has greater control over how your brand can be used, making it easier for people to recognise your brand and helping you make more money for your cause.

    So what do you think? Could you benefit from an online printing system in your charity?

    If you don’t think so, ask yourself “could I benefit from a lot more time, money, and brand awareness?” The answer just might be different.


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