8 Refreshing Fundraising Ideas for the Summer

  • 8 Refreshing Fundraising Ideas for the Summer

    Summer brings longer, lighter days and is the happiest season of the year, so if your charity isn’t taking advantage of this fundraising goldmine, it needs to start now.

    To help you make the most of this glowing season, here are a few fundraising ideas for the Summer.

    Organise a water balloon fight

    Not only will kids love this event, but teenagers and even adults will likely join in with the nostalgia too. Set up a designated fight-zone, register competitors, and sell water balloons. You can then make the event a proper tournament where the winners get a prize.

    Host a barbecue or picnic in the park

    This IS the season for barbecues and picnics, so host your own event to attract families and friends outdoors. You have a couple of ways to fundraise with an event like this from charging for entry and setting up outdoor seating with drink stands and grills to hosting a bring-your-own type of event where you can just charge for food and sell blankets and cushions.

    Run a “thon” event

    Whether a walk-a-thon, run-a-thon, swim-a-thon, or dance-a-thon, you can run an event that will get everyone in the community involved. These events are perfect to do outdoors when the weather is good, so charge a small registration fee for the event and encourage your participants to gather sponsorships for the distance they walked, biked or swam, or the amount of time they were able to dance for.

    Set up a car wash event

    One of the most popular and successful Summer fundraisers is a classic car wash. Not only is it a great and fun way to raise money for your charity, it’s an event with little cost to run too! A great way to raise awareness of your charity, make sure to print off some materials about your charity and your cause to hand out to the people who get their cars washed.

    Get creative with family activities

    Families especially are looking for things to do in the Summer, so provide them with some options to get the little ones involved. From running low-cost activities such as arts and crafts and watermelon eating contests to hosting bigger events like bake-offs and block parties, you can get real creative depending on your budget. If your budget allows, you could even do something even bigger such as reserving an outside venue like a park and hosting a Summer film series. You could run this for 4 or 5 nights, choosing family-favourite films for all ages to enjoy.

    Host a sports day

    Did Summer mean camps or adventure activities for you when you were a kid? Well, for many, it does. Why not take advantage of this love for activity by hosting your own sports day? You can make your activities as low budget as you want, including ‘sports’ such as running, wheelbarrow races, how far can you throw the welly, or the classic egg and spoon race. With this event, you can charge for participation or make it free to get involved but have stands selling food and drinks.

    Run a “Clean up your community” day

    Everyone loves getting involved in a big community project, especially in good weather, so organise a cleaning day where people can help as much or as little as they want. Whether you’re advocating picking up rubbish, collecting leaves, or gardening in public spaces, make it a fun event by allocating initial jobs and having people rotate every hour or so. You can charge for participation in this event, encourage people to help raise sponsors for doing it, or you can make it free to participate and have plenty of opportunities for people to donate to your charity throughout the day.

    Set up lemonade stands at local events

    Everybody loves lemonade and it’s so refreshing! Consider setting up lemonade stands in a variety of public spaces and help bring hydrated smiles to people where all proceeds go to charity.


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