Why Charities Need to Start Asking for What They Want

Many charities and non-profit organisations wonder why their marketing is not making the impact that they want. A lot of the time, it is down to poor call to actions. If you don’t have clear call to actions in your marketing, e.g. sign up to our newsletter or click to donate here, then how can […]

How can multilingual marketing benefit your business?

You might be thinking that translating your marketing materials is only necessary for marketing on a global scale, but you would be wrong. In fact, many UK companies are losing out on business specifically because of a lack of language skills and cultural awareness, so it is very necessary to provide multilingual materials if you […]

Help Your Supporters Understand Why Giving is Important

Many charities try to increase donations by telling people that they ‘should’ donate; they ‘should’ donate to help non-profit organisations make a positive difference and to help build the local community. When people feel like they are being told what to do, many tend to do the opposite. This is why charities need to be […]

4 Reasons Why Giving to Charity is Good for Business

Charities and non-profit organisations tend to focus most of their efforts on trying to increase volunteers and supporters and therefore donations but the ones who concentrate just as much on increasing their donations from businesses get far more results. Why is this? Put simply, it’s because businesses get so much from charitable giving and sponsorship. […]

Charity Advice: Help People to Help You

The best way for a charity to get help and support is to ASK for it. This may seem like an obvious statement, but it’s surprising how many charities don’t. In such a digital world full of information and technology developing faster than we can keep up, there has never been a more important time […]

12 Festive Fundraising Ideas to Increase Charitable Giving in the Winter

Although not as many people tend to venture outdoors in the Winter compared to the other months, this season still provides a sweet charitable window that charities can take advantage of. People are feeling festive and thankful during the Winter, especially before Christmas, therefore they are much more giving and charitable too. To help get […]

8 Refreshing Fundraising Ideas for the Summer

Summer brings longer, lighter days and is the happiest season of the year, so if your charity isn’t taking advantage of this fundraising goldmine, it needs to start now. To help you make the most of this glowing season, here are a few fundraising ideas for the Summer. Organise a water balloon fight Not only […]

3 Ways to Heat up the Giving this Summer

You may think that the Summer brings more donations due to increased activity outdoors, but not every charity benefits from fun runs and obstacle course fundraisers. In fact, many charities actually go through what they call a “Summer slump.” Many charities depend on schools and businesses throughout the year for group fundraisers such as blood […]

5 Reasons Why Legacies Should Be Part of a Small Charity’s Fundraising Strategy

Legacy fundraising is not at the top of the list of priorities for many charities, but it should be. Here are 5 reasons why. Small charities need consistent funds to continue their vital services Charities are under constant pressure to bring in funds so that they can help their cause and encouraging legacy donations is […]

4 Reasons Why Your Charity Needs to Be Doing Seasonal Fundraising

Many charities don’t like to fundraise with a theme, such as organising a Halloween event or Winter Wonderland, for fear of being too cliché. While this is a popular opinion, in contrast, there are also many charities that embrace it – so which one is best? While this is completely down to personal preference, it’s […]