How to Start a Successful Non-Profit in Just 7 Steps

The number of charities is growing rapidly every year, so as you can imagine, competition is fierce. Like any business start-up, charities can go under just as quickly at any time so thinking about the whys, the wheres, and the whens of it all are just as essential. Want to know how to start a […]

How Charities Can Build Trust and Confidence with Their Supporters

Concerns about how charities spend their money are felt widely, not just by those whose trust has declined but by more than half of the public. As people don’t know how charities are run and managed, this makes them question the decisions that charities make and whether their donations are actually getting to where they […]

Why Charities Need to Start Asking for What They Want

Many charities and non-profit organisations wonder why their marketing is not making the impact that they want. A lot of the time, it is down to poor call to actions. If you don’t have clear call to actions in your marketing, e.g. sign up to our newsletter or click to donate here, then how can […]

How can multilingual marketing benefit your business?

You might be thinking that translating your marketing materials is only necessary for marketing on a global scale, but you would be wrong. In fact, many UK companies are losing out on business specifically because of a lack of language skills and cultural awareness, so it is very necessary to provide multilingual materials if you […]

How Charities Can Make the Right Impact

It’s easier than you might think, to make an impact on people, but it is making the right kind of impact that you want which is the most difficult. Charities can’t afford to make the wrong impact. As well as not having the funds to correct costly mistakes, they also can’t afford to lose supporters, […]

Success is Keeping Your Staff in the Loop

Charities make a lot of effort informing supporters of what they do and getting their message out there, but do their own staff know the ins and outs of what is going on? Employees on all levels are vital to the workings of any organisation, so if they are well versed in the overall aims […]

How Often Do You Keep in Touch with Your Supporters?

As a charity, communication is a vital source of income, from retaining regular contributors to acquiring new support. But how much is the right amount? Many charities gain support and think that their work is done. However, these people aren’t necessarily going to be supporting your charity for life, so regular contact is important to […]

Do You Want to Be Known as ‘Not for Profit’ or ‘For a Purpose?’

It’s amazing how you can get completely different responses just from the way you execute something. Take two similar methods of selling as an example: cold calling and door-to-door sales. With cold calling, you wouldn’t get much of a positive response and very little conversions. Whereas if you offer someone something of value before broaching […]

How Charities Can Use New Year to Their Advantage

Did you know that people are interested in volunteering in January more than at any other time of the year? It’s no surprise really, as once New Year comes around, almost everyone is thinking about self-improvement and the next challenge they want to take on. While this is great for people in general, it is […]

Charity Advice: Simple Tips for A Successful New Year Ahead

New Year is all about self-improvement by adopting better habits from the get-go. To ensure 2018 is a success for your charity, here are some simple tips to start the year right. Embrace technology and start learning Many of us have gotten away with burying our head in the sand and shying away from technology […]