How Charities Can Make the Right Impact

  • How Charities Can Make the Right Impact

    It’s easier than you might think, to make an impact on people, but it is making the right kind of impact that you want which is the most difficult.

    Charities can’t afford to make the wrong impact. As well as not having the funds to correct costly mistakes, they also can’t afford to lose supporters, donors, or have their brand in the media for the wrong reasons.

    So how do you ensure that you’re always making the right kind of impact for your charity?

    Here are a few essential ways to do just that.


    Know your mission and values

    This might seem like an unnecessary reminder, but you would be surprised how many charities don’t keep their mission in mind when making important decisions. If you always think about how your decision or action is in keeping with your charity’s mission, you will be sure that you will make the right ones and that the impact made will be a positive one which will contribute to your growth and development.


    Reflect your mission in your brand

    Everything associated with your charity must reflect your mission and core values. From your website itself and your content to your marketing materials and even your volunteers, you need to know that everything is on brand. If you think about it, you want your brand to get out there, to be seen by more and more people, so you want to be absolutely certain that the impact you’re making is the right one and that people know what you do and why you do it. Only then can you expect the kind of support that you want.


    Always engage with your supporters and keep them informed

    Charities are under increased pressure all the time to disclose their finances as many people don’t trust that the money they give actually goes to the cause. The way to address their concerns is to show them how their actual donations are making a difference. Utilise your social media and update them on your charity’s activities. Whether this is preparing for a fundraiser, highlighting your successes or thanking specific supporters for their donations, people will feel much more involved and willing to keep giving. Supporters love to see the growth of a charity so emphasise as much as you can how much they’ve made a difference and that you wouldn’t be where you are today without them.


    Align yourself with brands that are for your cause

    It’s great for exposure and funds when charities partner with trusts, foundations, companies or high-value donors, but it is essential that they align with your brand and mission. If they don’t, you run the risk of losing supporters for fear that you no longer support the cause that they care about, the risk of bad press, and even the risk of your charity changing its values because of pressure from donors. Don’t just take on partnerships because you want to raise more money for the cause, it is more important that you ensure that both of your wants and needs are aligned so that you can be certain that the partnership will be beneficial in the long run.


    While you may not have huge brand awareness like some of the larger charities, it’s important to make sure that you’re making the right impact with your supporters to give them a more engaging and meaningful experience with your charity. Not only will this ensure their donations but it will also gain their trust and loyal support in the long run.

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