Success is Keeping Your Staff in the Loop

  • Success is Keeping Your Staff in the Loop

    Charities make a lot of effort informing supporters of what they do and getting their message out there, but do their own staff know the ins and outs of what is going on?

    Employees on all levels are vital to the workings of any organisation, so if they are well versed in the overall aims and values of the company, they would be able to work much more effectively towards those goals.

    Where many charities fall down on is keeping their staff regularly updated with what’s going on within the organisation, when in fact, internal communication is key to their success!


    Why Charities Need Internal Communication

    As charities have a very powerful cause, most staff are likely to be passionate about that cause and very committed to helping in any way that they can. While this is invaluable to a charity, it could also result in clouded decisions and communication if they don’t understand the overall vision and all the steps it takes to get there.

    With staff that are well informed, who are clear of their role in the overall vision and the developing focus of the charity, you’ll soon find that everyone will channel their passion into work that is aligned with the charity’s goal. Not only will they work effectively, but they will also be more likely to talk about the charity outside of work, helping you spread your message and build support.


    How to Communicate with Your Staff

    Use a Range of Different Channels – With so many ways to communicate with people these days, you need to make sure that you choose a few ways that work for every staff member. Consider a mixture of regular meetings, email newsletters, team building exercises and information packs, even a private Facebook or What’sApp group. Whatever makes everybody feel involved in the decision-making process. People need an open space where they feel they can raise their concerns and communicate with each other, so find what works best for them.

    Have a Clear Brand Strategy – Everybody needs to know what their role is within the organisation and how it contributes to the charity’s end goal. Try and outline your vision, mission and values as clear as possible, then you can better explain how everyone fits into your plan and how invaluable they are to your strategy.

    Use Open, Positive and Encouraging Language – People respond better to positive reinforcement, so try and celebrate people’s contributions and successes whilst offering support and other encouragement where needed. By inspiring people to make a difference and acknowledging their good work, you’ll provide them with all the motivation and reassurance that they need to work well.


    At the end of the day, all staff are key to the success of any organisation; they are involved in the day-to-day running and are the face of the organisation outside of work hours. They are vital in helping you promote your brand and message, so make sure that you have a strong internal communication strategy to keep them informed!


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