10 SEO Tips to Get Your Charity Website Seen

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When organisations hear technical terms such as SEO, they often run in the other direction or bury their head in the sand in hopes that someone else will know what to do. But they shouldn’t!

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is very important for your charity as it allows people to find your organisation through search engines like Google, so you need to be making this a part of your marketing strategy ASAP.

This article outlines a few ways that you can make sure that your website has great SEO and is,therefore, getting seen by a lot more people online. Don’t worry, we’ve kept it as simple as possible! Here are our top 10 SEO tips.

  1. Understand your website’s goals

Think about what you want to achieve from your website and then you can effectively use your SEO to help you achieve these goals. Whether you want to increase newsletter signups, online donations, event attendance or training resources sales, think about the path a user takes to complete that goal and then you can think about how you can get them there.

  1. Define your keywords

SEO keywords are words and phrases in your website content that help people find your site through search engines. For example, if someone searched “homeless charity” and this was a key phrase that you had throughout your content, they would come across your site.

To define your keywords, think about what people would most likely search to come across your charity’s website. You can even use Google Analytics (in SEO and queries) to actually find the words that brought people to your site in the first place.

Resources: 3 free SEO tools to identify your target keywords

  1. Make sure your website is mobile-friendly

Many people use their smartphones while searching online, so making sure that your website is compatible with phones means a higher SEO ranking. Make sure that your images and text are the correct sizes, that all links are clear and go to the correct page (check this is also mobile-friendly), and don’t use Flash or pop-ups as they don’t tend to work on many devices.

Resource: Mobile Optimisation

  1. Make basic changes to optimise your website

Keywords and mobile-optimisation already make you easier to find online, but there are a few other basic changes that you can make to optimise your website even more. Make sure to instal SEO plugins to your website, check that your website loads quickly, and make sure you add descriptions for all images that are on your website.

  1. Target the right country

Include your geographical location so that you can rank higher in the search results for your country. In the back end of your website, you can also specify your country here so that you target the right audience.

  1. Check and correct all errors

Errors such as pages not loading, images not being displayed or certain pages or buttons not working can lead to people exiting your website. Make sure to fix these so they don’t damage your SEO ranking! For 404 errors (missing pages), you can go into “Crawl Errors” in the back end of your website to see every missing page and redirect these URLs to pages that work like your homepage.

  1. Build your website authority

Building the authority of your website is the best way to ensure that Google recognises you as a reliable resource and ranks you higher in its search results. A few ways that you can do this is by writing guest articles for other websites that credit your charity, getting other websites to link to your articles, and by getting more exposure on social media or press coverage to get people talking about your work.

  1. Make your site shareable

Shares and engagement link back to your website and make you rank higher online, so make sure that your site is shareable. The easier it is to share, the more likely people are to share it so include social media buttons on your homepage and every piece of content as well as a clear call to action such as “share your donation with your friends.”

  1. Write good content and write it frequently

A really important way to make sure that your website is seen as active by Google and to build its authority is to create high-quality content on a regular basis. Always write content that will be of interest and of value to your readers and don’t forget to include your relevant keywords to help people find your site.

  1. Measure your effectiveness

You need to know if your SEO is making the impact that you want it to, so look at your data analytics regularly. Only when you do this can you make actionable changes to improve. Using apps like Google Analytics, you can see your level of traffic, who your target audience is, where they are coming from, what articles and pages are most visited, and the number of goal conversions that you are achieving. Once you have this knowledge, the changes you can make can really benefit your charity.

So there we go. Now you know a few ways that you can optimise your website to get more people to find your charity online, all you have to do now is apply them!

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