10 Successful Fundraising Ideas for this Autumn

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The more fun and quirky a fundraising idea, the more successful it will be! To ensure success with your next fundraising events, get your creative juices flowing and try to come up with your own Autumn-themed extravaganzas like the ones below!

1. Host a Curry Night

Since it’s National Curry Week from the 13th until the 19th of October, why not promote this and get people together to host curry nights to raise money for your charity? People love a curry so you could even partner with certain takeaways so everybody wins.

2. Organise an Oktoberfest Pub Crawl

Bring Germany’s popular event to the UK by partnering with breweries and organising a pub crawl! You could raise funds in a variety of ways in an event like this, from charging for participation, selling merchandise with your logo and hosting games in each pub that are just £1 a go.

3. Challenge Colleagues to Bake or Create

Get creative and host challenges such as a Halloween Bake Off or a Mulled Wine Making Competition. Not only is this a fun activity to get people to create the spookiest bakes or the nicest wine, but you can then organise a bake sale where they call sell their creations afterward!

4. Organise an Autumn Colours Walk

Autumn is one of the best times to get dressed up warm and explore the outdoors to see all of nature’s beautiful colours. To promote getting outdoors, consider organising a sponsored walk or even an educational walk to teach the children about the nature around them.

5. Hold a Pumpkin Carving Contest

Another festive favourite is preparing to carve those pumpkins for Halloween, so why not make an event out of it? Hold a pumpkin carving contest and make an evening of it! You could pair with local farmers for pumpkins or ask people to bring their own, and then you could charge for registration, food and drink, merchandise, and even hold a silent auction.

6. Promote Apple Bobbing for Charity

Everyone loves apple bobbing on the run up to Halloween, so organise events at schools or in the workplace to get people laughing and raising money for your charity. At only £1 a go, this is an activity that is both fun and easy to do!

7. Run a Diwali Lantern Making Workshop

The festival of lights is a great family night out, so celebrate the festival with an afternoon of lantern making and decorating. This is a child-friendly event but one that will be fun for all!

8. Organise an Autumn Trivia Night

Create your own fun autumn-themed quiz and hold a weekly trivia night throughout Autumn at the local pub! Questions could be about the history of Halloween and bonfire night, horror film trivia, typical autumn food or even movie and songs that came out in this season. You can be sure that people will love this event, so create a registration page, organise the prizes and rent a sound system to make this event a memorable one!

9. Hold a Conker Tournament

If this doesn’t take people back to their childhood, we don’t know what will! The perfect season for a conker tournament, you can charge for entry into the tournament as well as for other fun side games such as “who can find the biggest conker” or “guess how long it takes the first conker to get destroyed.” Just remember to award prizes to the winners!

10. Organise a Bonfire Night

Another family-friendly activity is to host a bonfire night! There are countless things that you could offer such as warm clothing with your logo on, safety sparklers, and food and drink, including marshmallows for toasting!

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