10 Successful Fundraising Ideas for this Spring

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According to 2017 statistics, April and May generate the highest donation volume out of the whole year for charities! To help you make the most of these ‘golden months,’ here are 10 successful fundraising ideas for this Spring.

1. April Fool’s Day Fundraiser

Did you know that approximately 40% of people actually carry out April Fool’s pranks on the 1st of April every year? It’s true so why not tap into this tradition by partnering with local radio stations or comedians. You could set up a “you donate and we prank” section where the larger the donation, the more “severe” the prank. Just remember to advertise this well on the run up to April and explain the premise to your supporters.

2. Mother’s Day Breakfast

Host a fancy breakfast morning for all the amazing Mothers out there and give them an opportunity to rest on their special day. You could partner with a local restaurant or host your own event where you sell tickets ahead of time and you could even do a bake sale at the actual event so that they can take some treats home for later!

3. Easter Egg Hunt

An event that is a massive success year after year is the classic Easter egg hunt! Get families involved and outside this Spring by setting up a hunt at a public park and charging a small fee for registration. Sell tickets ahead of time so that you can make sure that you have enough resources for the event.

4. 5K or Run/Walk/Ride Event

With the weather well on its way to becoming Summer, more people are looking for ways to be outside and to get active! What’s great with a running or walking event as well, is that it gives your supporters the chance to be really independent with their fundraising which makes the donation all the more satisfying. Invite each registrant to create their own personal fundraising page and use prizes to incentivise them to raise as much money as possible. You can even advertise how much certain participants have raised on your social media channels to increase hype and awareness of the event.

Weather Tip: Haven’t got sun yet? Why not host an indoor ride-a-thon?

5. Mowing for a Cause

Spring is a time for new life and growth, especially when it comes to nature, so take advantage of this – offer your community a garden maintenance and cleanup service in exchange for donations! With the Winter finally gone, this is the season to clean up so you can be sure that there will be demand for this service.

6. Mother’s Day Golden Ticket Fundraiser

Why not put a fun twist on Mother’s Day by doing something different like a Golden Ticket fundraiser? The premise is pretty simple: bulk buy bars of chocolate, insert “Golden Tickets” into each bar with a note to mum where she wins something special (such as breakfast cooked by her children etc), and then sell them on a stall for a bit more than what you bought them for. You could even partner up with a local hotel that can offer a prize for a free 3-course meal for two and advertise that there is one bar with a special golden ticket for mum.

7. Beach/Park Clean Up

With Spring being the all-around time for cleanup, why not organise a big clean up event of a local area? These fundraisers are always well received because the physical aspect makes supporters really feel like they’ve made a difference. Ask for donations for participation and then you could also organise a barbecue or outdoor concert to praise everybody’s effort!

8. Plant Sale

When we think of Spring, we think of flowers, so a plant sale would be an ideal fundraiser at this time of year. Partner with local farmers or gardeners to host a Spring-like-market where people can buy seeds, plants and even fresh vegetables!

9. Field Games

This is a great fundraiser for this season as it gets people outside, it gets people active, and it gets people to tap into their competitive side with group sports! Have teams register together and provide them with individual pages. You can then host the event where there will be a slew of activities from a three-legged race and space hoppers to football and basketball. Award prizes for most money raised, for each activity winner, and even the best uniforms.

10. Flower Delivery

With Mother’s Day being the biggest day for flower delivery, why not partner with a local florist and sell flowers for pick-up and delivery? You could do this for the whole of Spring!

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