10 Ways To Quickly Raise Cash For Nonprofits And Charities

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Raising a consistent revenue is obviously the main goal of running a nonprofit or charity, but on occasion, organisations may need to raise funds quickly. Whether you need to get the ball rolling for donations, to raise awareness of a longer-term campaign, or get some money in quick for running costs, fundraising is always a great way to obtain a bulk sum of donations. Plus they get people involved and raise the profile of your cause, so it’s a win-win for everyone involved!

There’s no better time than from Spring to Summer to organise some fundraising events, but with many ideas that have been tried and tested, it is always more successful when you can think outside the box. You don’t even have to come up with a completely novel idea. Putting your own unique spin on an existing event is enough of a difference to make it new and exciting, and ultimately will get people engaged with it quickly.

To help come up with fresh fundraising ideas, we’ve compiled a quick list of 10 easy ways that you can do it.

1- Scavenger Hunt

This is the perfect event to host around Easter time and it is super easy to organise. Suitable for all ages and individuals or teams or people, all you have to do is come up with a theme to send participants all around town, the items that they will collect, and an idea for what the prize will be.

This particular event is fun for all supporters and it gives you the chance to get creative. As well as the chance to win a prize, you could even offer hints and extra tips for different donation amounts, as well as selling merchandise or food at the ‘finish line.’

2- Marathons, Races and Obstacle Courses

Obstacle courses are becoming more and more popular, such as the highly successful rough runner and tough mudder events, as everyone loves to get involved. You could also put your own spin on a standard 5k or marathon run by offering prizes for the most crazy dress or other twists such as the colour run.

All these events are easy and quick fundraisers, where you can charge a registration fee and even sell merchandise during the event.

3- A Dance-a-thon (or anything -thon)

Again, you can get really creative with this fundraiser and everyone would get involved. A dance-a-thon in particular would challenge participants to dance for as long as they can, with supporters being able to request songs for donations and the winner receiving a prize.

Events like these are always the most popular. Take Red Nose Day as an example!

Other suggestions: video-gaming marathon, 24 hour football match.

4- Trivia Night

Another easy way to raise a sum of money quickly is to host a regular trivia night at a local location. People love a pub quiz, so you would have no problem with trying to get people involved.

If you could partner with the restaurant or pub, you could also negotiate a percentage of the nigh’t funds as donations which would be a great consistent source of income!

5- Host a Charity Concert

A great social event to host would be a charity concert, where local bands can gather to entertain whilst also gaining some exposure. You could even get influencers involved to be your judging panel to increase hype and engagement with the event.

If both performers and attendees paid a registration fee, an event like this should raise you a large sum in no time.

6- Host a Cook Off

With programmes such as the bake off and master chef being so popular with the public, everyone knows that there are plenty of budding home chefs out there and a lot of people who love to watch them cook! This means that a cook off would be a very successful way to quickly raise some cash.

Get the public involved, where they can pay to taste and cast their vote for the winners!

7- Pub Crawl

Why not turn a night out into a form of philanthropy? This type of fundraising event can only be successful (especially with students!), so this is a good way to get quick participation and a lot of donations.

For this event you could charge a participation fee and then get people to dress  up and earn sponsorships for each bar that they make it to.

8- Karaoke Night

Not only is a karaoke night an entertaining night out, but it is also a perfect opportunity for you to raise awareness about your cause.

There are a few ways that you can raise funds in an event like this, such as charging an admission fee, charging for song requests, charging for voting who wins and even having a concession stand.

Other suggestions: Comedy Night, Talent Show.

9- Trash Art Auction

A quirky twist on a classic auction, this event gets all creative and eco-friendly types together. All you have to do is get some local artists to create masterpieces out of waste products and recyclables and then auction off the pieces for money!

10- A Good Old Fashioned Cake Sale

There’s a reason why cake sales are always one of the best fundraising events, because we love food! People are always willing to buy baked goods that look great, so this is one of the safest and most assured ways that you can raise some cash instantly.

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