The Secrets to What Makes a Strong Charity Brand

Knowing you need a strong brand for your charity and having one are two very different things, so charities need to make sure that they are achieving the latter. How you can achieve this is through these secrets to what makes a strong charity brand below. Know Your Vision, Mission, and Values A charity with […]

How to Strengthen Your Charity’s Brand in 5 Steps

A brand is an incredibly powerful thing when used right. Your brand is one of your charity’s most important assets; it allows you to be recognised, it represents your message, and it helps build trust in your organisation and what you do. Once the public becomes aware of your brand, it then has the ability […]

The Best Way to Raise More Money for Your Charity

It is a difficult time for charities, as not only are they under pressure to continuously raise funding to run their organisation and give to their cause, but they are also under increased scrutiny to disclose their finances to the public which leads to further pressures. With a lack of resources, this makes raising money […]

How to Ensure Your Investments Match Your Charity’s Mission

Charities are under increased pressure and scrutiny into how they are spending their money, especially when it comes to charity investments. Investments are a viable method of generating income for any size charity as long as they are smart and the company that they are investing in fits the brand. The last thing a charity […]

4 Quick Tips to Help Charities Increase Their Cyber Security

Whether big or small, charities are at just as much risk of becoming a target for cybercrime, especially since they have a lot of sensitive information and assets to protect. The only difference between a charity and a business, however, is that charities don’t always have the resources to protect themselves. While charities may find […]

10 Successful Fundraising Ideas for this Autumn

The more fun and quirky a fundraising idea, the more successful it will be! To ensure success with your next fundraising events, get your creative juices flowing and try to come up with your own Autumn-themed extravaganzas like the ones below! 1. Host a Curry Night Since it’s National Curry Week from the 13th until […]