How Charities Can Use New Year to Their Advantage

Did you know that people are interested in volunteering in January more than at any other time of the year? It’s no surprise really, as once New Year comes around, almost everyone is thinking about self-improvement and the next challenge they want to take on. While this is great for people in general, it is […]

Charity Advice: Simple Tips for A Successful New Year Ahead

New Year is all about self-improvement by adopting better habits from the get-go. To ensure 2018 is a success for your charity, here are some simple tips to start the year right. Embrace technology and start learning Many of us have gotten away with burying our head in the sand and shying away from technology […]

6 Digital Charity Trends to Be Aware of in 2018

With 2017 now at a close, it’s important that charities are aware of what’s ahead so that they can prepare for the best possible outcome. To do this, like every other business, they need to think about the digital and social trends that are up-and-coming in order to develop an effective marketing strategy. With the […]

Top Tips: Get the Most from Your Charity Blog

Having a blog for your charity is very important, especially for today. With the digital world progressing all too quickly, people are seeking physical connections again – a book rather than an ebook, a record rather than a digital download. Although blogging is an online tool, you can still use it to communicate with your […]