Help Your Supporters Understand Why Giving is Important

Many charities try to increase donations by telling people that they ‘should’ donate; they ‘should’ donate to help non-profit organisations make a positive difference and to help build the local community. When people feel like they are being told what to do, many tend to do the opposite. This is why charities need to be […]

4 Reasons Why Giving to Charity is Good for Business

Charities and non-profit organisations tend to focus most of their efforts on trying to increase volunteers and supporters and therefore donations but the ones who concentrate just as much on increasing their donations from businesses get far more results. Why is this? Put simply, it’s because businesses get so much from charitable giving and sponsorship. […]

10 Successful Fundraising Ideas for this Spring

According to 2017 statistics, April and May generate the highest donation volume out of the whole year for charities! To help you make the most of these ‘golden months,’ here are 10 successful fundraising ideas for this Spring. 1. April Fool’s Day Fundraiser Did you know that approximately 40% of people actually carry out April […]

A Basic Guide to Social Media Success for Charities

Social media is a source of anxiety for many charities and businesses. Many don’t know if they need it, how to use it and much more importantly, how to utilise it to make an impact and get the results they want. In short, yes you need it. In modern society, sites like Facebook and YouTube […]

Charity Advice: Help People to Help You

The best way for a charity to get help and support is to ASK for it. This may seem like an obvious statement, but it’s surprising how many charities don’t. In such a digital world full of information and technology developing faster than we can keep up, there has never been a more important time […]