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Web Design to Improve Your Visibility in the Online World

The internet is an opportunity. They say you can’t judge a book by its cover but, nowadays, people will form an almost instant judgement about you when they see your website. It’s an opportunity, but also a huge challenge.

Amidst so many competing websites and social media pages, how do you ensure that your message gets heard? We live in a world where most people are in a rush. Compared to the old days, anyway – before the world wide web came along.

Social media is booming, and many organisations rely on digital marketing for their livelihood. Not everyone is online, but many people treat it as an important source of information and entertainment.

For better or worse, this is the context in which you must capture, and retain, the attention of your audience. How do you do it?

Would you like help to build your online community?

We can help with almost any aspect of your digital marketing and help you:

Look Professional and credible

Develop a strong online presence that people will recognise

Create engaging Social Media posts with clear messages

Provide an easy and enhanced user experience

Persuade supporters to help your cause

Eye-catching Design and a Clear Road Map

Many people spend less than a minute on websites, so your design needs to capture attention whilst showing the reader exactly what you do. A good design, and consistent branding across your online platforms, will also show that you are professional, make you recognisable and build trust and credibility amongst your current and potential supporters.

Graphic Design to Build Credibility and Trust

In some ways, a website is like a traditional shop. First, people will take a peek through the window – just a few seconds. Is this website worth their valuable time, or will they move on to someplace else?

Then, if they choose to walk through the door, they don’t want a sales assistant rushing forward to offer them the latest bargain. They much prefer to browse – to stroll through your well-laid out site, taking time to see what you offer.

At this stage, they may be willing to invest a minute or two. Time enough to learn what you do. Maybe time enough to assess whether this is a place to loiter for a while. Of course, no shop and no website will be of interest to everyone. Your task is to provide clear information. Those who are interested will stay. Or come back another time – if they remember.

The worst mistake you can make with a website is to focus, too early, on sales and donations. A much more effective strategy is to lead with value, to provide your audience with useful and valuable content. And then you can share this content on your social media platforms to start conversations and build relationships.

In time, you can use your online presence to build a core group of followers. Your ‘fan club’, if you like. People who like what you do, who may wish to donate to your cause. Or, maybe volunteer their time or spread the word.

Keeping in Touch

Even if a visitor likes your website, it doesn’t mean they’ll return. However, if they provide you with their contact details, you can provide regular news and updates.

There’s a narrow line to tread. People are already swamped with emails and information overload, much of which is of no interest. However, people also like to feel part of a community. This is the challenge: to offer quality of communication rather than quantity.

With people getting fed up with the sales and ‘cold calls’ approach to marketing or fundraising, the best way to stand out and been seen, is to build a strong online presence.

By sharing value to your audience and giving them ways to respond and give you feedback,
you will build relationships, and ultimately long-term supporters.

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