How to Get More Donations: 7 Ways to Increase Your Online Giving

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In 2018, although charitable giving in the UK declined by 4.2% compared to the previous year, online giving continued to increase as a percentage of overall donations (5.5%). It was also found that 24% of all online donations globally were made using mobile devices.

What does this tell charities?

It shows that organisations without mobile-friendly websites and/or online donation forms are at a distinct disadvantage in an increasingly competitive giving landscape.

If you are among the charities or non-profit organisations that don’t focus enough on online giving, here are 7 ways that you can start to increase this way of giving and remain competitive in your market.

1) Make sure your website is of a high-quality and provides an effortless user experience

A professional, well-designed website with quality graphics which reflect your charity brand will elicit trust and confidence in your charity making visitors more likely to give online. If they can navigate your website easily, find the information they want, and be able to donate directly through your website, you can expect donations that are up to 38% larger than if they were redirected to a third-party site to make their payment.

2) Have a clear message and call-to-action

Every page of your website should be highlighting the problem (your cause) and outlining the steps you are taking and the efforts you are making to reduce or eliminate the problem before ending in the call-to-action: how the visitor can help by donating. The clearer you can be, the more likely that visitors will donate there and then online.

3) Keep it as simple and concise as possible

It can be tempting to want to include heaps of information. After all, your cause is your passion so you can talk about it at length, but your potential donors don’t need to know everything. Too much information can dilute the message or result in your donor getting bored by the information overload and leaving your website, so keep points simple and remember that less is more.

4) Offer a range of programmes or projects

People like to know what their money will be used for and the exact impact they will be making, so offer them a choice. Offer a range of work programmes or specific projects that they may want their money to go towards or if you don’t have specific fundraising projects, explain what their donation could result in. For example, you could say “donate £10 to provide clean running water to a village for one month.”

5) Suggest a range of giving amounts

People love options, so the more options and flexibility you can offer them when they give, the more likely they will donate. One of the best ways to increase online giving is to offer a range of giving options. Typically £50, £25, £10 and £5 are most common, so by listing these options, you may encourage people to give more than they would if they were to manually enter an amount.

6) Highlight the ease and secure method of Direct Debit giving

When donors have chosen their giving amount, give them the option to choose a one-off donation or to set up a direct debit with your charity. Highlight the benefits of giving little and often as well as how quick, easy, and secure this payment method is. Many people would be more willing to give £5 every month rather than a one-off payment of £50 so giving them this option may result in them giving more for longer.

7) Communicate with your supporters and follow up with them

Another way of increasing online giving is simply keeping in touch with your supporters. This can be a general monthly newsletter highlighting your achievements and any successful projects and thanking all your donors or you could reach out to them personally with a special thank you message. By communicating to your supporters, you build a relationship with them and continue the dialogue to find out more about their preferences. All this helps you to encourage loyal support and further donations in the future.

Focus on online giving

The appetite for online regular giving is there, but quite often there is not enough focus on the charity website as a fundraising platform, aside from the donate button. Using these 7 tips, you can start optimising yours to increase online giving. That’s if you want to remain competitive in the giving market?

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