Graphic Design

Use Great Graphic Design to Stand Out

Design is much more than making things look pretty. Off course, it is good to know that your online and offline marketing materials are pleasing to the eye. But great design is simply a means to an end.

It’s much more than a logo. Design includes the layout of your website and your printed materials. The right design, the right words and the right channels of communication all combine to convey ideas and information about you and your cause.

Effective design should entice and persuade.

If your marketing media design is of a high quality, you will:

Provide an easy and enhanced user experience

Develop a strong brand image that people will recognise

Look Professional and Credible

Communicate a clear message about what you do

Stand out from your competitors

Persuade supporters to help your cause

First Impressions Count

All this makes for a great first impression and, what’s even better, a memorable impression. With a quality brand and regular communication, your marketing media will build trust and credibility amongst your supporters, resulting in your long-term financial sustainability.

Graphic design is an important tool that enhances how charities and other third-sector organisations communicate. With ever increasing numbers of people searching for answers online, your website will often provide their first view of your organisation. To create a lasting and positive impression, your website needs to showcase you and your work.

Consistent Quality

With so many things to do and limited resources, all organisations need an effective website, a bold logo, and compelling fundraising and marketing material. It can be tempting to save a few pounds by asking your in-house staff to create your designs. Sure, it’s easy enough to knock something together.

However, will a homespun design help you achieve your goals or, instead, will it suggest to potential supporters that you lack a certain level of professionalism? The wrong design can be costly, like a fracture running through a building. Almost by stealth, communicating the wrong image and the wrong message can put off the very people who could become your best supporters. And it might result in lacklustre fundraising campaigns, money wasted on ineffective printed materials and a ‘back to the drawing board’ decision. The safes option is to invest in professional graphic design services first time round.

It will save you time and money in the long run.

Your Design Needs

Design is at the core of what we do because effective design should form the backbone of your marketing strategy. We will ensure that your charity or organisation not only looks good, but that your messages are clear, consistent, and intentional.

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