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Saving your organisation money on Print and Mailings without compromising on quality

Print is still a very important form of marketing for charities, even in this digital world; it is the best way to stay in front of your audience. Many organisations know that they need print in their marketing repertoire, but what they don’t know, is that the method of distributing this communication is just as important as the words themselves. Once you’ve chosen whether flyers, brochures or direct mail is the best method to appeal to your audience, you are now going to need a lot of materials printed and someone to print them.

There is a balance of cost…

In a world of shrinking fundraising and marketing budgets, it is vital that organisations make sure they are using cost-effective printing and mailing methods. If you opt for cheap printing, you run the risk of low-quality print and additional money being spent on reprinting. If you opt for expensive print, you may get the quality, but the dent in your budget may affect other aspects of your organisation. So what is the middle ground?

Always use a print specialist

There are a lot of companies out there that target people who just don’t know any better; before you know it, you could end up paying double the amount for a bulk of print because you didn’t do your research. With print specialists, they do the research for you!

By being a print specialist, we can make sure that funds are spent effectively by having the right printer for the right job. With professionals managing the job for you, you can have:

  • High-quality print at an affordable price
  • An easy, efficient and cost-effective process
  • Help and advice with the best distribution process for you

What I can do for you:

Organisations need to utilise print marketing alongside digital methods, to maximise their campaigns and get themselves seen. Let us assist you with the management of your print and distribution, so that you can be seen cost-effectively.

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