12 Fool Proof Fundraising Ideas to Survive the Winter


Creative and Strategic Director - Passionate about working with charities to ensure effective communication with users, supportes and other stakeholders.
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Creative and Strategic Director - Passionate about working with charities to ensure effective communication with users, supportes and other stakeholders.

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The Summer is an easier time to fundraise for charities, as everyone is keen to get outside and it is the perfect weather for sports such as hiking and marathons where they can raise money. When it comes to the Winter season, however, it is a much more difficult time.

While this is often the way for many charities throughout the year, it shouldn’t have to be.

To help you survive this Winter, we’ve compiled 12 fool-proof fundraising ideas to help you raise some funds!

1) Carol-oake

Whether just an open evening of karaoke or a festive competition, a carol-oake event is a great way to get people in the Christmas spirit whilst also raising donations for a good cause. You can make the evening what you want from asking for a donation for entry or to take part in the competition to hosting a raffle.

2) Polar Plunge

People love to do crazy things to raise money, just think of the ice bucket challenge! For this Winter, why not promote a polar plunge? All you need is a freezing body of water for people to jump into after running a particular distance and the necessary permits before you promote the event. By providing people with a personal online fundraising platform, you’ll soon find that word of mouth will spread and people will get involved.

3) Winter Wonderland

Create your own Winter Wonderland or host a local sledging race or skiing event. Family-oriented activities are popular over the Winter, so charge for entry and/or collect donations for gear rental.

4) Indoor Run-A-Thon

As the outside is too cold for running events, why not take it inside? The most popular challenges are ones such as 24-hour treadmill running where many people can get involved and raise money for their cause.

5) Mice Pie Eating Contest

Food events always go down a treat (literally) so get your festive bakes ready! Put a Winter spin on the classic pie eating contest and get contestants to consume a certain number in a limited amount of time while others come to watch the fun.

6) Winter Solstice Soup Event

Make the most of the shortest day of the year by organising a Winter Solstice event. Whether you’re selling hot soup, mulled wine or hot chocolate, celebrate the turning of the season with hot beverages and remember to encourage people to dress up warm! Make the event what you want by charging per bowl or drink, entry, or by hosting food events.

7) Present Wrapping Party

We all know someone who is a whizz at wrapping, so why not get these people together to wrap presents for the people who aren’t so good? Whether hosting a present wrapping party with friends, a lunchtime session at work, or an evening at a local community centre, you can be sure that many people would happily pay donations for the help!

8) Ugly Jumper Day

Christmas jumpers are becoming more and more popular every year, so make the most of it and host a jumper party or jumper day at work, school or the local pub. Hold a friendly competition for the ugliest jumper and enjoy what comes through the door!

9) Snowman/Snow Fort Building Contest

If there is snow this Winter, don’t fret, make an event out of it! Host your own snowman or snow fort building contest and receive donations for participation as well as voting for the winner.

10) Christmas Film Night

We all love Christmas films, so the perfect family night out would be to watch one of out favourites all together. Throughout December, why not organise a film marathon or a weekly film release with your local cinema? You can sell tickets and food and drink while people enjoy the classics.

 11) Snowball Fight

Depending on the scale that you want, you can organise local snowball fight contests or one big tournament where different teams can compete to be in the final. If each team has a fundraising page, they can compete to raise the most donations to receive benefits in the tournament.

 12) Gingerbread House Competition

You can host this event in two different ways, either people can pre-make their houses and bring them to the event for judging or the event can be the contest where people make the best house in a set period of time. Either way, this event is festive and fun and perfect for the Winter!

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