How to Make Your Next Campaign the Most Successful You’ve Ever Had

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Due to limited funds, charities need to be sure that every marketing effort they make has maximum impact and delivers the results that they want.

If it doesn’t, the result instead will be a lot of wasted time, money and resources which could be seriously damaging to the ongoing success of the organisation.

Fundraising forms a crucial part to the marketing strategy of a charity or non-profit, so to get it right, here is how to make your next campaign (and all the ones after) the most successful you’ve ever had.

5 crucial ingredients to campaign success

1) Know your audience

Who are you writing to? Only when you know who you are targeting can you talk directly to them so make sure you know exactly who you want this campaign to appeal to.

By knowing your audience, you can speak to them via their preferred method of communication, you can target the social channels that they use, and you can use language and terms that speak specifically to them.

2) Talk to people’s hearts

People want to help and they want to give, you just need to give them a reason to want to do that. You need to compel them to move to action rather than telling them that they should.

Once you know your audience, you can design a campaign that will stir the right emotions; pair this with hard-hitting content and you’ll not only get your audience to listen, you’ll get them to act.

3) Tell stories to get your message heard

To make your next campaign the most successful that you’ve ever had, concentrate on how you will get your message heard. How will you communicate the problem that you want their help to solve?

One of the best ways to do this is to tell a story with your campaign. People love stories; they listen to them, engage with them, and most importantly, get invested in them. If you can tell a captivating and moving story with your campaign, it’s much more likely to be a success and will make the impact that you want.

4) Have a clear objective

If you don’t have a clear objective that you are trying to achieve with your campaign, how can you expect your audience to know what you want them to do? How can you expect to make the impact and get the results that you want?

The only way you can know if your campaign is successful or not is by defining your goal beforehand. Whether you want to offer one-off gifts to increase your sign-ups, you want to encourage more monthly direct debits or increase your social engagement, whatever your goal, you can’t make it happen unless you know what it is first.

5) Improve your efficiency

Lastly, to make your next campaign a success, be thrifty when it comes to your finances by shopping around for value. We all know that last-minute decisions can lead to costly mistakes, so take your time and get it right for you.

Things like requesting a Print Savings Audit can have a massive effect on your cash flow. It’s simple really: professionals conduct a physical audit on your print management software where they analyse volumes and running costs to discover efficiency savings. The result then is more money available for crafting impactful campaigns that then drive more support and donations.

Make your next campaign the most successful to date!

To create a campaign that delivers results, you need to have a clear objective and you need to know your audience so that you can speak to their hearts and engage them with a story. When you pair these with cost and efficiency savings, your campaigns will start to make the impact that you want.

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