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Improving your charity's visibility in the online world

With more and more people living online everyday, social media is booming, new jobs are being created, and even charities, businesses and other organisations that can operate completely online are becoming the norm. While this is great for the growth and development of charitable organisations, the web world is building up too much noise. 

So how do you ensure your message gets heard?

Two words: Digital Communication.

Digital communication has never been more important for charities than now. With so much white noise and information out there, organisations need to utilise their website design to cut through that noise. In short, it is the quality of communication rather than the quantity of it! With people getting fed up of the sales and ‘cold calls’ approach to marketing or fundraising, the best way to stand out and been seen, is to utilise website design and development and build a strong online web presence and provide value to your audience.

To be seen, you need to have:

A design presence

Many people spend less than a minute on websites, so your web design needs to capture attention whilst showing the reader exactly what you do. A good website design, and consistent branding across your online platforms, will also show that you are professional, make you recognisable and build trust and credibility with your supporters and clients.

A useful presence

To establish yourself as the expert in your field, you need to be providing your audience with useful and valuable content and information. By sharing this on your social platforms, you will start conversations and build relationships, which will keep you in front of your audience consistently.

Email marketing

Sending out newsletters will keep your audience up to date with what is going on in your organisation. You can share anything from your content and relevant news articles, to your successes. People love to feel appreciated, and keeping them informed will build a relationship.

It is said that marketing should be split into 20% sales and 80% valuable communication.

By sharing value to your audience and giving them ways to respond and give you feedback, you are building relationships, and ultimately long term supporters.

What I can do for you:

From website design and development to email marketing, we can assist your charity or organisation in communicating with your audience online. The key is to be reachable, offering value and advice rather than a sales pitch.

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