Charity Advice: How To Encourage Winter Giving

One of the most difficult challenges that charities tend to face is raising consistent donations and this is especially true for the dark and cold Winter months, as people don’t want to leave the house!  So what can charities do to encourage people to continue giving? Although the Winter season can be a time of […]

How Effective is Your Charity? 6 Questions You Need to Be Asking

You can only improve when you measure and review your progress, so charities need to be doing this regularly to ensure that their efforts are always effective and are in line with their purpose. To help you review your charity’s effectiveness and what you are achieving, here are 6 essential questions that you need to […]

How to Make Your Next Campaign the Most Successful You’ve Ever Had

Due to limited funds, charities need to be sure that every marketing effort they make has maximum impact and delivers the results that they want. If it doesn’t, the result instead will be a lot of wasted time, money and resources which could be seriously damaging to the ongoing success of the organisation. Fundraising forms […]

How Graphic Design Can Help Charities Connect with the Public

“For a charity to operate successfully, it needs to use design as a tool to convey the very specific messages that it thinks are important, in order to stir people and create the social leverage they require to affect change” Ambrose and Harris, The Fundamentals of Graphic Design. When it comes to branding, creating marketing […]

Does Your Charity Have a Marketing Problem?

It’s pretty easy to tell when you have a financial problem. Or when you have an I.T. problem. Even when you have an operational problem. But how do you know if you have a problem with your marketing? When it comes to your marketing and advertising, it can be more difficult to discern whether you […]

How to Start a Successful Non-Profit in Just 7 Steps

The number of charities is growing rapidly every year, so as you can imagine, competition is fierce. Like any business start-up, charities can go under just as quickly at any time so thinking about the whys, the wheres, and the whens of it all are just as essential. Want to know how to start a […]

How to Encourage Your Supporters to Give Monthly

Monthly giving should be something that all charities should be encouraging. Not only does this give charities a healthy and consistent cash flow that they can use to run the organisation and plan for the future but it also offers them a range of other benefits (see our blog on Why Your Charity Needs to […]

Why Your Charity Needs to Encourage Direct Debit Giving

A regular stream of donations is the goal for many charities as having a consistent, predictable income allows them to plan ahead, budget better and to run the organisation more efficiently. So why is it then, that many charities do not focus on offering a Direct Debit payment option for regular donors? “Direct Debit accounts […]

How Charities Can Build Trust and Confidence with Their Supporters

Concerns about how charities spend their money are felt widely, not just by those whose trust has declined but by more than half of the public. As people don’t know how charities are run and managed, this makes them question the decisions that charities make and whether their donations are actually getting to where they […]

7 Simple Tips for Effective Legacy Fundraising

Many charities don’t know how to go about promoting legacies as a form of giving, whether from having that initial conversation with a supporter to making it a part of their existing marketing campaign. But it’s important that they learn. Legacies, or gifts in Wills, raise a staggering £2bn every year for UK charities and […]