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Creative and Strategic Director - Passionate about working with charities to ensure effective communication with users, supportes and other stakeholders.
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Creative and Strategic Director - Passionate about working with charities to ensure effective communication with users, supportes and other stakeholders.

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Catching up with Faith in Families

Last week, I caught up with Cherrie Bija, Chief Executive of Faith in Families. Ginger and Tall designed a brand-new website for the charity, and we’ve kept in contact ever since.

Cwtch Mawr

I met Cherrie at her impressive and bold new initiative, Cwtch Mawr – Wales’ first Multibank set-up to supply surplus essential goods to those in need. Led by Faith in Families, Cwtch Mawr is also supported by Amazon, former UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown, and Swansea Council.

The impressive impact of Cwtch Mawr

Cwtch Mawr operates from a warehouse in Swansea and has already:

  • Supported over 30,000 beneficiaries (including individuals, families, children and the elderly).
  • Donated 150,000+ to those in need.
  • Donated over £25,000 worth of food items alone.
  • Prevented over 80 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions (by redirecting the food from waste streams).

The surplus essentials offered include warm clothes, hygiene products, school uniforms, and bedding, donated by businesses like Amazon. These brand-new items are redistributed to charity groups and care professionals, ensuring they reach those in need promptly.

The role of the new website in securing support

Cherrie highlighted the significant role the new Faith in Families website played in the Cwtch Mawr project being awarded to Swansea and Faith in Families:

“The new website was instrumental in helping us pass the due diligence stage, something our old website might not have achieved. It showcased our professionalism and made essential information easily accessible. It’s easy to underestimate the power of well-designed marketing communications, especially for a charity with numerous priorities.

A strong brand that effectively conveys key messages and represents our values is invaluable. Matt & the team at Ginger and Tall have truly worked magic, transforming our online presence to better reflect our mission and the vital work we do.” Cherrie Bija

My thoughts

The experience with Faith in Families and Cwtch Mawr highlights how good graphic design, and a professional online presence are key for charities. It can make a huge difference in securing support and effectively communicating the organisation’s mission and values. A charity still needs to operate as a business, looking consistent, professional, and on-brand.

For more information about Faith in Families and Cwtch Mawr, visit

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